User objectives

Below you find a survey of the applicability of the Webcamtest.

The Webcamtest is suitable to be used for selection purposes. People already endowed with considerable social skills will, when making the Webcamtest, react in a flexible and appropriate manner to the situations of the Webcamtest, which indicates that in a new work situation they are able to learn new and desired behavioural patterns in a short time.

The Webcamtest can also be used as an assessment tool for employees already working in a position. When by their reactions to the situations of the Webcamtest employees prove to be sufficiently endowed with all competencies required, that may then be ratified by for instance the issue of a certificate.

This objective follows naturally from an assessment. If a participant is underachieving in a specific social competency, the manager  could discuss with the employee the possibility of brushing up that competency with reference to the recorded and assessed reactions to the Webcamtest. The first experiences with this use of the Webcamtest are very positive. 

By pre-testing a participant on the Webcamtest, a trainer can obtain information to design a made-to-measure learning course for that participant. The situations and the reactions of the participants/candidates can also be used in a group training. Naturally the participants must be asked for permission to use their filmed reactions for this purpose. Another possibility is to ask Van der Maesen | Koch to supply sample reactions. 

E-learning and e-coaching
A participant can do the Webcamtest at home. A coach examines the reactions of the participant and supplies him with detailed feedback on every reaction. The participant then proceeds to the next module of the Webcam test. In that way the participant can practise frequently and intensively at a small expense, and with made-to-measure coaching. 

Characteristic situations for a specific position can be shown on your website so as to attract the interest of applicants. Potential applicants can then work out whether they consider themselves capable to deal with such situations. 

It is possible to include a number of standardised questions from the selection interview as situation in the Webcamtest. The applicants’ answers are to be assessed by people from within your organisation.  On the basis of that assessment a preselection of suitable candidates can be made. In the actual interview the interviewer can pursue the answers already given. 

Other applications
Other examples of the possible use of the Webcamtest are: measuring the effect of a training or offering “condensed experience” during the training period. We will gladly inform you of further purposes for which the method can be used.